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Easy tips to help children pick up maths

Many children find maths a hard subject to pick up on in the first try or even ten tries. This isn’t the student’s fault though, the area that needs to be improved is the method of teaching. If the usual ways don’t work with a student, then it is up to the teacher to take a different approach to solve the problem at hand. So here are some tips to help you, help the kids, easily pick up on maths and have fun while they learn.

Take the right first step

The first impression or vibe you create sets the mood for the rest of the day or lesson. If you take the usual boring stance with kids, then they are already uninterested with whatever you might have to say. However, if you start off with a positive mind and attitude towards the work by creating an interest within these little minds, then you can guarantee that you have their attention for the rest of the lesson. Let them know what you have planned out for them for the day and what they would be expected to be doing, you could also revisit the previous day’s lesson to make sure that the kids don’t forget and are in touch with what they need to be knowing.

Use different methods

As a teacher it is your duty to make sure that the child actually learns something from you. And it is your job to make sure that you do justice to each and every child regardless of how good they are at their studies. The best of a teacher is brought out when the weakest student manages to accomplish goals that others may not have even imagined they would. And there are so many ways you could do this. Remember what matters when you are teaching is that the child understands and has no need to spend extra time at h2 math tuition. So experiment with different teaching methods to make sure each and every child grasps what you are trying to say.

Use different approaches

Maths is a subject where the method you use may vary but the answer is the same. Of course in certain situations the method is more prioritized than the answer. Nonetheless, any person who teaches maths understands that there are several methods you could use to generate the same answers. So use this to teach the children the different ways they could use to solve the problem at hand. This way in case they may need to recheck answers they could easily do so by using one or more of the methods you have taught.


This is an important aspect that you need to always give attention to. When teaching it shouldn’t only be you talking and the kids listening, but it should be a discussion where the kids bring out their questions and you help them solve it. Let them argue and back their answers and show them the reasons why you may agree or disagree with them. This is also one of the best ways to learn and teach at the same time.

So try out the above in your classrooms and watch the change it brings in each and every child!