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Quality Control Process of “Search” Mechanism

Any information you required is at your fingertips. There are different web based programs where you are able to type in a relative word of a certain content in the search function and in seconds the whole information you look is in front of you. This has saved people from the trouble of carrying heavy books and read though contents to check what one is looking for. Each subject might have a different book, thanks to the internet world where one can just type a word and able to access any information that is required.

While many people try to access many different web sites where information contain, it is a vital activity to conduct surveys time to time to monitor the traffic and according to popularity the sites are ranked for the particular client. This is an automated process that the performed by the search engines. The processes are called “crawling” and “indexing”. Crawling happens when a person searches for a particular word, the browser crawls over a billion of documents available to find that particular information the person is searching for. Then it automatically indexes them as per the search trend.

When these functions take place repeatedly it determines what items are mostly searched by people and they are able to establish target audience. This is done through a massive data base established in many places of the world.

The process of affecting the visibility of a web page/part or search engines unpaid results, which are often referred as organic, natural or earned results is called the SEO (Search engine optimization). This helps the database companies to get involved in improving their processes in search functions in order to give faster and accurate results.

Types of Search Queries:

Mainly there are three types of search queries;

  1. Do
  2. Know
  3. Go

Do: people ask the search engine to do something. Eg: Want to listen to a particular song

Know: asking for information on a certain item

Go: Wanting to go to a particular place in the internet. Eg: YouTube

The database owners must often question themselves if clients are happy with the output they receive once they type a word in the “search” box. The Search Engines key responsibility is to identify their target customers and deliver the results they are looking for.

This internet marketing strategy helps clients to access required information in seconds whereby making their day today work more effective. Therefore it is necessary to have quality contents so that people can search words and phrases or and achieve quick results.