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Reasons for Failing to Secure a Permanent Residence Permit

Getting a permanent residence permit is not easy. Of course, there are ways in which you can secure even a citizenship of a country without having to go through a rigorous process. One such way is marrying a citizen of the country you are interested in. However, that is not a process just anyone would follow.

Though different people have come up with alternative paths to get a permanent residence permit they are not all legal ways. They pose the threat of putting you in danger. Therefore, one should only use legal methods. When following those legal methods, you might fail to secure a permanent residence permit if you work in a certain way.

Not Having Enough Marks to Apply for a PR

If you are trying to get the permanent residence in a country such as the Land Down Under as a skilled professional, you have to first be eligible to apply for that process. To become eligible for that process you have to score at least 60 marks from Australian immigration point calculator. Failing to score that amount of marks is going to make it not possible for you to even apply for a PR. Most of the professionals look into this marks system to understand where they should score more points if they are to apply for a PR using that process. Then, they work hard to collect more marks in categories such as experience, educational qualifications and language skills. Without such skills you will not get a chance to even apply for a PR.

Not Following the Rules

There are a number of rules in place in every country for the process of awarding someone with a permanent residence permit. If you want to get such a permit you have to follow all the rules to the letter. Anyone who fails to do that is not going to have a very successful outcome with their goal of getting a PR permit.

Working with the Wrong PR Advisors

Since all the rules or rather laws surrounding this PR application process are not easy for a normal person to understand, most people choose to work with PR advisors. However, if you select the wrong PR advisor you are again going to fail to get the PR as you planned. This can happen for someone with all the right qualifications too if he or she does not follow the proper path because of choosing the wrong PR advisor.

These are all reasons for someone failing to secure a permanent residence permit.