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Communicate your brand successfully to the masses

In case you have not noticed the strong say digital media has on brands and brand building, it must be said that you are living in a void. According to a study done by a marketing survey firm, whole of internet is populated by an aggregate of 3.17 billion people, or “users”. Almost 75% of them are active in social media usage, the number being close to 2.5 Billion. That is an increase of 176 million people than last year’s figure. On the other side of the picture, more than 91% of retail brands understand this and are quite active in a minimum of five channels of social media.

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Perfect ground to fish for customers

Compared to a group who will see a television advertisement or listen to one on the radio, or decreasingly, see an ad in the newspapers, the number of people who will be exposed to an ad in the web are quite high. Due to this very reason, there are many brands which advertise on the web. The sheer number of advertisements mean that people’s attention span becomes less and less; you will notice something very rarely unless it stands out from the crowd. Therefore companies now face with the challenge of catering to not only the millions of viewers online, but also to be truly “seen” by them. Also one must understand that the web is not a direct sale tool at most of the instances; you can perhaps fulfill the first two tasks of a selling cycle, such as grabbing the attention and providing information. Selling can begin afterwards.

Content marketing

With the availability of smart phones, what you want is now just a “touch away”. Be it looking up what products are available or buying something online, finding a road, locate a store or virtually anything is now pretty easy when you have one if those devices. The last few years have seen a drastic shift in how people buy or search for products, hence, how companies market the same. Even if we want to or not, we cannot deny the trend shifting towards a hundred percent paper-less and virtual world. There is a load of content in every page in the forms of blogs, advertisements, notes and so on. A simple web page design is not sufficient anymore. Your presence, true to the values of the brand, must be depicted across all the cyber platforms for a consistent message to be communicated to the target market.

Branding messages

Sometimes it is not easy to come up with a good theme for branding. It could be the tagline, colours or the logo. All these must be following a similar pathway that are the underlying values of the brand you are representing. Some leaders proclaim they know what the brand stands for but are unable to spell it out if asked. It is important to understand that how you see it from inside is irrelevant to the customers. You must get down to the street and see it from their point of view. Any campaign must be designed to suit their ideals and standards. If you could come up with a suitable message to go in to the customers, then half the work is done. A well planned brand audit can give you a view within.

If you are a new recruit at the company marketing team, you can bring in a new perspective to the table. Work on the basics and come up with a good message to communicate your brand to the masses.