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How to Start Your Own WordPress Blog

Are you planning on starting your very own WordPress blog right away? Or maybe you are flustered because you do not know how you can do it right. It can be a bit scary for anybody who has not done it before and especially if you put too much pressure on yourself to create the perfect outcome in the beginning itself. Mistakes are the best way to learn and here are some great tips on how you can setup your very own WordPress blog easily.

Step 01: setting up

One of the biggest mistakes that many bloggers do is to choose the wrong platform for this. For the majority of users that accounts for almost 95% the premium choice would be to use WordPress.org which is also known as a self-support platform. Why is this option so popular? Because it is free of charge and you can also install various plugins as you wish and you will also be able to customize your site and its layout. On top of all this, you will be able to start making an income out of the site without any obstacles. If you need reliable support options there are many choices depending upon the location of where you will be based such as https://www.hostingaustralia.com.au/ that can offer you this service.

What Is The Difference?

A lot of beginners are easily confused by the domain name and the support service. Your domain name is the address or name that people will type to reach your site or blog. The support service is where you site will exist. Every single site will need this home or support so that they can live there.

Step 02: Pick a Name

Before anything else, you need to select a domain name for your blog. This is very important because it will be the very first impression that you give your visitors, it will affect the rankings that you have on search engines and it will be the brand that defines what you are doing and you. If you are to keep this in mind, you will need to exert a little bit of an effort into choosing the right domain name for you. Choose an easily brandable domain name and not a generic one, make it short and sweet, make it easy to type and pronounce as well.

Step 03: Sign Up and Install

Now you need to sign up with a support service that will give your blog a home or a place to live in as clarified before. It will help you store all of the important data, files and imagery that your blog consists of and will show it to visitors as needed. You need to be careful when choosing a service provider though and always go for a reputed service so that you can enjoy maximum results.